Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crazy Costume Critiques: The Marvelous Moonacre Edition

Well today didn't go at all as planned so I thought we'd might as well drift off into another land and discuss the world of Moonacre. This whole movie felt like a forgotten dream which I later realized was because I HAD read the book as a teen. (Check it out, much better than the movie. "The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge)
As soon as it opens you're faced with a mode of dress that has never been seen in our world...

Is this what the framework of a bustle looks like? They just chose to wear it on the outside? 
 Highly decorated backsides seems to be a theme of the movie because if we're not running around in one of the backward bustles we're running around with a small fabric store tacked on the back.

Unless were escaping and have to leave our hoops behind then we must run around with the pillow attached to our bums.
(upper right corner)
 If this wasn't enough the highly detailed use of accessories would let us know we're not in Kansas anymore.
"I have the scariest mask you've ever seen" gives way to "Cameo Momento" to "it looks spiky but it's soft and tender like my heart"
I have a feeling the costume department must have had a lot of fun with this movie. Every thing is so lush and layered when it's not totally random.

Tons of beading and embroidery! This movie gives love to the men of the cast as well
 Everyone gets a jacket and waistcoat and don't forget the cravat. After all we are on a safari.
When we're not distracted by the back of the gowns the fronts present an equally
dazzling array of embellishment and detail.
But the real masterpiece of this movie is this red velvet beauty. I couldn't narrow down the photos because it moves and drapes so beautifully. You can almost feel the weight of this dress in the way she moves and the velvet glows, begging to be caressed.

Sorry about the quality of this one.
I had to play with the settings a bit so you could
see the dress silhouette better.
You can also see the backgrounds are just as lush as the costuming. I love everything about this story. Have you ever seen it or read the book? Psst, it's on Netflix...
After seeing it I dare you not to pick up any beading or embroidery on your next sewing project!


Béatrice said...

That film looks like a costumier's dream! (or possibly nightmare)

I'm loving the new look, by the way. I take it that's your own embroidery at the top.

EmSewCrazy said...

I thought the same. It looked like a lot of fun but also a lot of work.

I'm so glad you like the new blog design. I wanted something less cluttered and more me feeling. I did do the wind embroidery for the banner. The words I inserted in Picmonkey.