Monday, January 6, 2014

January Stashbusting 2014

AGH I just love this kitty pouch!
January's Theme is Itty Bits to ease us back into sewing after the holidays. Our focus is on all those small pieces we keep around. If it's under a yard of fabric it counts!

Our Stashbusting Facebook group is up and running so do come join if facebooking is your thing. There's already an album set up for our January Projects.

We have the already inspirational Flickr group and our January Pinterest board that I've continued to collect fabulous small project ideas on all through the year.

I promised something new to keep you on your toes so here's January's Curating Challenge
I thought I'd start you off "easy". This month all you have are some questions to ponder. But questions that are building the foundation of a fabulous collection of sewing supplies! :)

Why do you sew?

For fun? For business? Quilting? Garments? A specific goal?
Take some time to think about this because your answer to this question will guide your sewing this year. It's time to bring this reason out into the open so we are conscious of it; because whether we realize it or not we are sewing to this reason. This reason should also dictate the fabric we buy. If we're buying fabric that doesn't match our reason it's probably going to end up a depressing ball cluttering up our space.

What's on your list?

Make a list! Even if you don't end up making everything on it. Right now we're fresh from analyzing all our sewing in 2013 so sit down and make a list of those things you know you want to make. Decide what you want to do with those pieces of fabric that have been crying out to you for the last few months.

Why are you stash busting?

If you've already written your pledge this should be an easy answer. But knowing this answer will help guide your sewing efforts and give you the fortitude to say, "No" when new fabrics start to tempt you.

So let me know! I may not be as scary as the Mistress of the Jar but I may sic the Sewasaurous Rex on you. Leave a comment or a link to your blog post with the answer to these questions. Me, the Fabric Elf and Sewasaurous Rex want to know... I'll be back Wednesday with my pledge, my list and my answers to these questions.


disqus_de1eWWrhH2 said...

Hi Em, I love this little bag - I think it is the fish hanging out of kitty's mouth :).

I also like your thoughts on 'why we sew' - make the unconscious conscious. I'll have to have a think about this...

Heather Bee said...

I have pledged my goal, answered the questions and posted more adorable pics of my son. Enjoy my friend.

Sharon said...

Also love the little bag and have been giving some thoughts to questions and hope to post early next week.