Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

So this wasn't exactly the post I had planned today. I was going to get up and photograph all my selfish sewing projects and show them off. Instead I woke up to wind and icy snow which snapped power poles and dropped lines on the ground. This turned our power off. The power's still off but our neighbor brought over a generator around 4pm so we could heat the house, run water, turn on lights, flush the toilets, get online and enjoy all the other electric pleasures.
Evening view of my basement window. 
 Now before you get to feeling sorry for me or collapse from the shock of it all, I want to say, I had a lovely lazy day. There's something freeing about cut off from technology. No blogging pressure, no Etsy shop listing pressure, no sewing list pressure... the power was off and none of that worked. The family just sat in the living room and kitchen together hanging out and marveling at the storm.
I don't know about you but blizzards outside make it feel like a holiday inside. I read a book, played checkers and battleship with my brother and even dug through some knitting books to find my next project.
Sorry for the crummy photo. It's going to be from one of these very lovely
red tweedy yarns.
I knew I wanted a jacket and it was going to be from one of these red yarns. I'm still learning about gauge or rather what yarns will work for what patterns. Being gifted a yarn stash is lovely but when you're learning its hard to figure out which pattern you have enough yarn for and if that pattern will work with that heavy of yarn... I'm just being confusing.... moving on.

I reallly like this big back cable, I'm not too thrilled about the way it ends in that bum flap panel. The front is really cute too...
DROPS number 134-55 I think it's called Chocolate passion?
My favorite is this Celtica design. I like the cables and open space mix but I'm wondering if it is too small for the bulky yarn. Will bigger yarn swallow up those cables?
After a phone conference with my Knitting Master Brother I need to knit up the gauge swatches and see which comes out closest to what the pattern says... we'll be out of power for awhile so I think I'll get to working on my winter wool sweaters.
PS. These designs are free on their website. I'm just trying to be quick to conserve power.
Celtica Front
This is their Celtica Back design.


Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh. Am I right in thinking that it's kind of early for that kind of weather in your neck of the woods? Knitting is the perfect activity :) my parents recently lost power for a few days and Mum says she got lots of little chores AND lots of knitting done, so it was a not a bad thing. :)

EmSewCrazy said...

It's a little bit early. Usually we have quite a bit of snow around Halloween. In fact it's one of the "You know you live in South Dakota if you design your kid's halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit." things. The severity of this is what was surprising. We probably won't have power for a week or more because of how widespread the damage is. Once one power pole goes it takes the whole line down. I'm so thankful to the power guys who go out in this weather and fix things.
I thought about doing some cleaning but I decided to go through my knitting books instead. :) I even stole my Dad's Iphone for a quick glance at my pinterest board too... then his battery started dying so I got off quick.

Cation Designs said...

Oh wow...I can't believe you guys are already starting winter! The Bay Area is in the middle of Indian summer so it's been 84 degrees. That snowy window does make a family day sound awfully cozy, though!

I'm totally with you on the weirdness of that bum flap.

EmSewCrazy said...

Yeah, its kind of nice once and awhile to take a break from technology and stare at each other. So crazy to think of one place being 84 while another is 32 degrees... I mean we're on the same continent for goodness sake. What a big wonderful world!

One vote no for the bum flap! I don't understand why they did that and I don't know enough about knitting to know how to fix it...

Borsmenta said...

Wow, snow, storm all the winter stuff is already there. It's been raining her for the whole day but I don't complain, we have electricity and turned the heating on. I like winter though especially when it's bitter cold outside and we have fire inthe oven inside :)
Bum flap - agree. Just don't do any cables on the back, keep the front pattern and you're all set.

Heather B said...

That is a cute sweater! Enjoy your snow day knitting and know I'd rather be there than in the 82 degree heat in PA.

EmSewCrazy said...

I like the winter too when it is warm inside. Our house was pretty frosty before we got the generator turned on.

EmSewCrazy said...

I'm looking forward to knitting it up! I usually like cold better than heat. I just need to dig out all my winter stuff.