Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weather Update and Pinterest Pouch Pattern

Well this is a day late since it decided to rain for over 24 hours along with high winds which knocked our power out AGAIN! Some of the broken trees must have hit the lines. Since everyone was on the ONE line the power company put up, the whole country was out again. Thankfully it got back on about mid morning today. 
The water receded in the night too so we didn't wake up to a washed out road again. I think I'm starting to get cabin fever...
Anyways... on to sewing! I managed to make these before all the bad weather and crazy power outages!

Well I tried another one of those pictorial tutorials on Pinterest. It actually turned out really well and I really like how it gives the pouch instant shape. Just a couple things to take note of.
  1. Be very very VERY careful sewing over the zipper ends. I’m sure you already know this but I HATE breaking needles this way.
  2. The loop in the seam isn’t necessary because of the deep folds on the ends but it does make it easier. 
    Don't they look like tasty candies!
  3. You can line the pouch pretty easily but you must take time to press and topstitch carefully to keep the lining out of the zipper. I lined the big one but not the little ones. Here’s a great lined pouch tutorial it’s just a bit tricker when the fabrics are in one piece instead of two, hence the careful pressing. 
    Left corner shows my not careful pressing.
    I serged the only exposed seam.
  4. I interfaced all the outer fabrics with some lightweight interfacing to give the shapes a little boost. 
  5. This is a GREAT stashbusting project since you can use any square or rectangle piece. I had so much fun using up these random vintage squares I’ve had lying around forever!

Now, I have a confession.. I hope these become Christmas gifts but not for anyone I know. I’ve got a craft show coming up in November and I’m going to throw these out there. If they don’t sell... well everybody knows what they’re getting for Christmas! :)
How's the weather where you live? What's the longest you've gone without electricity? Have you done any stashbusting this month?


Diana said...

Oh these are really cute! Poor you with all the weather and power outage problems. Here in Eastern Canada, we're experiencing breathtakingly beautiful warm weather and I feel so blessed! Hope you get some of this type of weather soon before winter sets in!

Heather B said...

Beautiful, love the cheery color choices. Maybe I'll make one for my sister for Christmas.

Carolyn said...

These are adorable and you did a beautiful job. I know how fiddly these can be to make and yours are perfect! I sure hope the power outages are now past; good for you, making the best of things :)

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks! I thought they turned out pretty well too.
Sounds lovely where you are! I'll be happy if the power just stays on...

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks, ya gotta love those crazy 70s prints! You should totally make one for your sister! They are kind of addicting though. Bet you can't make just one!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks. I had fun with them.
I hope the power outages are finished as well. I must admit to not taking it too well the last time it went off...