Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Sewing Thoughts

Hello Fellow Sewists,
  On Wednesday I was trying to figure out what to post, how to get all my work done, and if I should go swimming with the not-nieces and nephew. As you can see, I chose work and swimming. I spent the 35 minute drive into town thinking about sewing, priorities and wearing what we create.
  It is so easy for me to get caught up in my own little world surrounded by my fabric piles, thinking about all I have to create and want to make and I forget to actually go out and WEAR what I have made. This past ten days my grand parents have been visiting and as my grandma, (who is the one who taught me to sew) and I puttered around my sewing room and I showed her my latest projects she kept saying, "You can only wear so many clothes."
So yesterday I went out and wore my clothes. I actually got to wear TWO of my handmade items since I wore a dress as my swimsuit coverup then changed into a handmade top.

So how about you? I know I'm in a very unique situation here, since I live in the middle of the prairie and work from home but do you ever find yourself lost in your sewing/creative space? Do you ever need to remind yourself to get out and enjoy the world and the creations you have made?

I also have an idea to bounce off of you. Awhile back I was reading a lot of articles on how lopsided the media portrayal of beauty is and how blogging is so refreshing because we see the diversity of womankind. Connected to this new idea of actually WEARING what I've made, (I know! Revolutionary!) I would like to do a series called Real Women, Real Dresses. Candid, action shots of all us everyday women wearing our everyday dresses doing our everyday life. But I need your help. Since I live in the middle of nowhere I don't see many people, dress wearing or not. I want you to send me photos of candid, in action, dress wearing. They can be of you, of kids, of some random lady walking down the street. You can even send me a link to your blog post if it's something you've made. Submissions should be sent to my email which goes something like emsewcrazy at yahoo dot com. If/when I get several I'll do a blog post and keep doing posts as long as I keep getting photos. So what do you think?
Shot my G-ma took while we were at the lake visiting my brother.
This was the morning after I jumped off the iceberg and all I wanted
to do was go swimming again instead of going home.

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