Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Hummingbirds: Part 2 The Skirt Edition

It's nice to be back after an unintentional blogging break. First our modem blew up so we had no internet for 24 hrs. Then I caught a summer cold that went straight to my head. Plus I'm dealing with wrist/hand pain which I'm assuming is carpal tunnel related which meant as little typing as possible. To top it off my grandparents showed up and at that point I gave up trying to blog last week. 
But today is the beginning of a fresh work week and I'm happy to be back at it with part two of my Hummingbird pattern review. (psst, Part 1 here)

I made two skirts during the sewalong. One of each view. I cut a 35 waist size and a 40 hip size. 

The first was some home decor weight fabric I'd had in the stash for several years. I bought it on sale because I like the color and pattern. It turned out to be a louder skirt than I expected but I'm glad to have it out of my stash and a wearable garment.  It already passed the "give five kids a bath" test.
Why do I love fabrics that hate being photographed? The colors are truest in the last shot
It sits on my hips and I did a lapped zipper insertion since I didn't have a matching invisible zipper. Do yourself a favor and go watch Steph's video on inserting zippers. It will change your zipper insertion for the better!
 I'm about 5' 10" and I cut this on the longest length. With a one inch hem it sits right at the end of my knee. I love my thighs but don't believe the whole world needs to see them. Plus I have enough trouble trying to sit like a lady in this length of skirt!

Skirt with Flounce

Purty polka dot piping.
I couldn't help myself. I was loving all the piped versions popping up during the sewalong and after Susan posted a tutorial I had to give it a try and show off that beautiful seaming myself! I used a whole package of navy and white polka dot double fold binding that I cut in half. Since the back was feeling left out I exposed the navy zipper teeth.
I quit fighting my body, which looks best with things sitting around my natural waistline, and took in each side seam about two and a half inches. I did part of this during the mid fitting check but sewing the waistband made it loose again so after it was finished I zipped down the side seams again to get the final shape. This brought the flounce up higher which prompted the men in my family to gasp in shock when they saw the back of this skirt. They think I look like I'm pooping fabric and have threatened to not let me leave the house in it.
I did peg this skirt and love how easy it is to walk in with the flounce. 
Flounce in action. Funny looking isn't it...
Now if only I can get the guys to agree... :D

Final thoughts
This is a great straight skirt pattern that is easy to adjust mid sew to get the shape and level of tightness you want.
 I hand basted the curve of the flounce at the tip before
pressing up to hem. This helped TONS
Don't let the flounce scare you, the directions are very thorough and I was able to insert mine with NO PROBLEMS.
Pocket Understitching, Anna's House
Pocket Wave, Understitching for Anna's House
POCKETS!! The pockets are wonderful and the way you construct them is brilliant. They also take such a minimal amount of fabric that you can use all those little bits of fun prints that you've been hoarding. With the understitching they don't flip out to the outside so you can be as crazy and mismatched as you want to be with them. 

My only disappointment is that I used all fabrics I had on hand and coordination was not a consideration so my peplum tops don't really work with my skirts... I'm working on this gross error and hope to have some more mix and match pieces soon.

So, do you like and wear straight skirts? Any tips for sitting like a lady?? Hope you all have a great week. Stashbusters, I'll be talking to you later this week!


opportunityknits said...

Both skirts are so pretty. I like that floral one, and I am on the lookout for suitable fabric to sew one for myself. I wear straight skirts to work and crossing my legs helps me to sit like a lady and avoid exposure :)

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks! They sew up very quickly. I'll be practicing your tip!

Cation Designs said...

Hahahaha oh men! I love the look of your flounce and don't think it looks at all like fabric poop :)

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Cation! I'll keep that in mind when I wear it!