Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life, Expect the Unexpected

Isn't that the cutest sewing print!

I know, cliched title. But I really don't want to break my posting schedule so here I am late at night typing away. This week has been busy prepping for my first big craft show and making a late night trip to the ER.
As I was gathering my things I found a box of old inventory/projects and decided to get them ready too. I had to smile to see how I have grown as a seamstress. From purses that didn't need pockets or zippers to those that do; and how the planning of old projects led to skills that allow me to make something more beautiful and polished now. It was good to look back and realize the time and materials weren't wasted. And there was growth! Always nice when you can see good growth on oneself.
So that's it for my serious post. Has there ever been a project that made you stop and see your sewing skills had grown?
See ya all next week where I hope to share how my sewing group's first Christmas Sewing Swap went and my first craft show!


Zoe said...

Congrats on being able to stop and acknowledge the development of your skillz! xx

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks, at first glance I thought, "what a bunch of junk." but then I realized it was still made well but I can do better now.
Love the undies tute on your blog! The recycled shirt sayings make me smile!