Monday, December 17, 2012

When The Cat's Away The Mouse Will... Dye Fabric?

Once upon a time a creative girl was left all alone in her little house on the little hill, and as the wind blew outside, she sat and stared at her pile of knit fabric. She inwardly bemoaned the fact that she had no prints in her stash. What was she to do with all these solids? How was she to turn them into something striking and interesting?
Her attention fastened on the most non-commital shade of pink she had ever seen. Why had she bought it? Was it because it had been one of the only knits in the store? It was super soft but the longer she stared at it the more wishy washy the pink grew. It seemed to be whining out of the pile, "Do I have to be pink? Can't I be some other color?"
"Why not!" the girl thought remembering the opened packets of RIT dye she had seen in her father's collection of creative supplies.
After some intense scrubbing and careful reading this is what the girl had!
She even took the time to don the proper safety gear.

The packet said Navy Blue but it looked purple in the sink. The fabric was turning colors though and that was all that mattered. She soon realized she had a lot of dye! Much more than she needed for one piece of fabric. A second mad grab and dash, careful perusal was given to the knit stash and a few more pieces ended up in the dye bath. She forgot the part of the directions that said rinse water through fabric until it is clear part. 
After a careful search for a container without holes the girl had to settle for a bucket lined with a large plastic bag. 
ready to rinse... and rinse

Bright pinks and blues, a terrible white, a bright blue floral that looked like it was ready to stab you, and the non-commital pink that started the whole project were all lovely and varying shades of blue and lavender. 
"I can work with this." the girl thought. Work she did! Squeezing and squishing but trying not to totally pull the knit out of whack the girl rinsed her pile of fabrics. 
After a quick wash and a very hot dry the dye was set and the fabrics were ready to take on a new life! The creative girl went to take a nap after she scrubbed as much purple off the utility sink as she could. She wondered if her mother would notice the next time she washed her hair...

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