Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Creatives

As Christmas quickly approaches the the blogosphere has filled with two sorts of posts. Most are full of ideas and showing off handmade gifts, the others are on why creatives are NOT giving handmade gifts.

So this got me wondering why do I create and what is it about Christmas that makes me kick it into overdrive?

1. I make things. I do it all the time regardless of holidays. There is something in me that must come out, if I can't sew I cook or play music.
2. I love people.
3. When it comes to gifts I have more supplies and time than I do money.

At Christmas time this gets kind of crazy because I keep finding more and more people I would love to give gifts to. After living with a lady with Alzheimers and dealing with some health issues of my own I have realized my time is limited and there is only so much I can accomplish within a certain timeframe. So here's some guidelines I've developed for myself on how to stay sane and happy while Christmas Crafting.

Do they need/want this? Has it been requested? 
The first gifts I made for this Christmas were for my not-nieces and nephew. Since they are small and have a ton of toys I asked their mother THIS SUMMER what they needed for Christmas. She requested vests.
All cut out and ready to be sewn

She wanted solids and basics that would go with whatever they were wearing. I jazzed them up a little bit with some fun appliques that expressed their personalities a bit. I got them finished the end of November.

Does this gift scream someone's name?
One thing I have noticed is the closer it gets to Christmas the less I can creatively think. If I don't already know what I am making for someone they don't get a handmade gift. Unless a project jumps out at me screaming their name. (am I insane? I can't be the only one fabric talks to)
Last year I saw the Koos loop infinity scarf pattern and some fabric in my stash demanded to be made into the perfect gift for a friend. This is a great quick project that allows me to use some of my vintage trims. This year, I was visiting with my good friend from college and she mentioned infinity scarves were very popular in her area, so I asked her about colors and whipped up this.

Surprise!! It's a bit stiff since I used some iron on fusible but it
should break down and be more fluid with wear.
Do I already have all the supplies I need?
 As Christmas draws ever closer I am running out of time but still have people I want to give something special to. I'm not going to run out and buy more supplies to add to my bunny-like stash so it either comes from there or it doesn't get made. I've come to realize I would rather take the time to make something that fits the person instead of pouring my creative energies into something amazing that they wouldn't care about.

Christmas acts as a huge deadline in our little creative worlds, where we so often work at our own pace to deadlines we set. It is a time where our focus is switched from sewing mostly for ourselves to focusing on others. Christmas is a time to gather together with those we love and care about and if the stress of Christmas creating is keeping us from that then maybe we need to rein it in. After all the world isn't going to end if we don't get that tote bag made for G-ma Zee! I had to remind myself of this very fact this week, when some unexpected events came up. It's the little things and the Love that matters.

My parting thought for you is also one of my gifts to another good college friend. She is a creative, people loving, crazy like me. I found this quote in a fortune cookie and LOVED it! I turned it into a pin for her to put on her bag. So enjoy this crazy time of the year my creative friends!
She wins the ugly gift award. I need to work on my embroidery skills!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I love that infinity scarf. Great contrast with the ribbon and lace.

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks! I really enjoy going through my trims and laces getting to decide what to combine to make these!