Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pattern Man!

Continuing on our pattern journey I'd like to introduce you to Pattern Patter's Man. He has a fascinating story and is a great example of all the different directions life can take you. Without more ado, please meet Tony.

Who are you?
Tony Potter is my name and my shop is Filecutter. Named comes from my fathers trade in England - yes he actually cut files by hand using a chisel and hammer. I'm originally from England but schooled and serviced in the Army in the U.S
I'm retired and Joyce (my wife) have a 7 1/2 acre pecan farm with other fruit trees. Spent my career in agriculture and retail sales.
What made you decide to collect vintage patterns and sewing supplies?
Joyce purchased a pattern of a man in overalls thinking the
model looked like me and I decided to sell it and that's how it started. Actually Filecutters was first a vintage and collectible shop on Etsy.

How long have you been collecting?
My collecting started early with cars and when I couldn't afford that because of a growing family I started collecting vintage movie poster. I have had a life long love of Laurel & Hardy and now own more than a 1,000 movie posters.
Do you sew? Vintage, Modern, or Both?
No I do not sew but Joyce is a tatter and I do get in
volved with that sometimes.
Do you have any sewing tips for those of us who do sew with vintage patterns?
Vintage patterns are becoming increasing hard to find and need TLC. Its important to choose wisely and pick what you feel comfortable with. Finding a source of vintage patterns is the most important element, honest, fair pricing and reputation should be foremost in your mind. Don't buy just because its there, rather buy it because you trust the person you purchased it from. Vintage patterns are not cheap and sourcing is very 
What is your favorite pattern or sewing thing of all time? Why?
I guess the pattern Joyce purchased for me so long ago. I have not seen another one and cannot remember the maker or vintage...NUTS

Why did you start an Etsy store?
You have seen the TV show "HORDERS", well I'm not quite that bad but as Joyce said enough is enough. I guess my collections became beacons of junk in her eyes and told me to sell.
Pretty organized for a hoarder! Wish my office looked like that!

What is your favorite part of the selling process?
Satisfying the customer and knowing that they will enjoy what you have provided. 
Least Favorite?
The least enjoyable part of a pattern seller is making sure the patterns are complete and salable.
What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
Unrelated to sewing, it has to be the "Potter's Nut Cracker" only because I invented it and its been such a popular tool.

Which item do you just want to go away?
I really have no item/s I want to go away only because its so easy to just delete the item/s you no longer want to display or sell.

A great big thank you to Tony for taking the time to share his story. Isn't his Nut Cracker neat? I had to laugh when he mentioned "Hoarders" Pretty sure his is not the only family that is worried about the piles of patterns! Hop on over to his shop and see if you can help relieve his wife's fears. If you find something great post it in the comments. Until next time, Happy Sewing! 

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