Monday, May 13, 2013

Me Made I Spy Week 2!

Welcome to Round Two of Me-Made-May and Emily's I Spy Challenge! I think God knew what He was doing when He said to rest one day a week. I try to stay off the computer on Sundays and I'm always ready to go Monday morning! So good morning ya all! Now on to the clothes!

May 5th, This is one amazing silhouette on me! I made this dress in high school and it was one of the first
projects where I nailed fit. Unfortunately I've grown a bit since then and it's a bit uncomfortable for
prolonged wear. I think this needs to move on to another's closet. The store bought jacket always was too small
and I think my skills have grown enough to where I am ready to tackle jackets.

May 6th, this top has become my casual go to top! I love
how the bright colors perk up my attitude. The trousers
need to be made up in something other than corduroy
since it finally decided to get warm around here.

May 7th, a work from home day in all me mades! Found out this old skirt has a hole. I think it's time for repair or a refashion...
Closeup of the top neckline. For full post see here.

May 8th, Rainbow day?? Another work from home day trying out my new green pants. The jury's still out on these.
The turquoise shrug is half finished. I'm trying to decide whether to leave the sleeves open or add cuffs to trap warmth.
Any thoughts?

May 9th, Me made pink top and earrings. Love the style of this top. Need to make more! Also, don't take pics while
watching Once Upon A Time. You'll be too busy watching Bae fight the shadow and confess his love to Emma to
notice your pics aren't turning out correctly.

May 10th, Theme Friday was our sewing space which was fun since it was our local sewing day. Wearing my green pants again with a me made top. The top is going to hit the road. You can't see it in the pics but the neckline flaps all over the place IRL and while I like sleeveless dresses I don't like sleeveless shirts.

May 11th, wearing my tiramisu again. Love how easy it is to wear.
So far Me Made May is showing me I need to do some mending on old favorites and some things need to go. Nothing like a good closet cull. Can you find what is hidden in May 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th but not in the 6th, 8th or 10th?
What has MMM been teaching you? 


Jen said...

I actually really like those green pants and have some fabric that I am planning to turn into green pants :) I also love your tiramisu dress!

Tania said...

Bae falls in love with Emma?!! We're months behind in England- he's not even an adult character here... but I'll be carrying on watching it for that twist! ;)
I just officially joined up with the big stashbust. That's what MMM has taught me- make more! :)

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks! I love the color and they are very comfy. I'll be doing a blog post on them soon. Hope your green pants turn out well!

EmSewCrazy said...

AGH! Sorry I gave you a huge spoiler! I didn't even think about it being shown in other parts of the world!

Yea! For joining the Stashbusting Sewalong! We are having a great time and I'm hearing people who join have made more. I know I have!

Tania said...

That's alright - am now looking forward to what Rumpel thinks of that!
We're only up to the bit where Dr Frankenstein appeared. Not sure he's really a fairytale character, but creative licence and all that... :)

EmSewCrazy said...

They really have taken creative license! It gets even more creative?.... towards the end of season two. I'm glad you're enjoying it though and I didn't spoil it too much for you.