Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Covert Robin and Spring

Spring comes slowly where I live. No green shoots of grass, no spring flowers blooming. The wind still blows strongly. Spring comes to the prairie first in the music of a meadowlark, the return of birdsong blown on the wind...

And on that birdy note, it's time to reveal my Covert Robin makes! I stashbusted a UFO for this project and finally cut into some fun fabrics I'd been "saving" for what I don't know!
Moriah was my mystery match. After several days of stalking I found she likes to travel and wanted to write more this year.
 I finally finished this cute denim clutch/pouch and hand sewed a zipper closure to it. I filled it full of little slips of paper with all sorts of questions to hopefully help inspire her to practice her writing.
Due to life, I had to get the project finished and mailed quickly but I wanted to add something else to it. I found this quick and simple headband tutorial and knew it was perfect! I wasn't sure what her favorite colors were but her blog background was aquamarinish and she had dark hair. Since she is young I figured bright and cheerful. Thankfully my hunches were correct and she sent me a happy email; expressing her thanks and delight. Phew!

Have you ever done a mystery gift exchange? What did you think of it? Have you noticed any signs of the changing seasons in your neck of the woods?


Carolyn said...

That is a very cute clutch, and I'm sure the lucky recipient will love it. That is very thoughtful of you to fill it with inspirational prompts :)

Lisa said...

Your clutch idea is so cute! It is cold here in WV they keep promising it will warm up but is hasn't!

EmSewCrazy said...

Thanks. I just love packages with lots of little bits. I'm glad it all worked out.

EmSewCrazy said...

I KNOW!! Where is the spring they promised? With March being seasonal change I felt like I needed to prepare for winter again. Forget spring.

Thanks, those little clutches do turn out pretty cute. Especially when you start with cute little girl pants.